Q Copter Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera

Q Copter Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera is a great drone with powerful motors enables the helicopter to fly much longer and more efficiently. Its performance is further enhanced by integrated highly elastic plastic protective frame that protects the propellers in flight and acting as anti-collision safety mechanism. It comes with a removable 4GB SD card that stores adequate footage for several flights. It is a 4 channel function that offers easy operation and stable flying.

Q Copter Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera Features
• Drone camera. Quadcopter with camera has 2mp HD photo and video camera. Drones with camera allow birds eye photos. 4ch Quadcopter for multiple drone flights.
• Large battery capacity. The Drone has upto 10-15 minutes of flight time. Large capacity battery 3.7V 1100mah allows for best drone experience. Drone has more flight time for more fun
• LED lights. Quadcopter has brilliant lighting at night. Drone lights will WOW the neighbors! Watch the glow show. Quadcopter will impress friends and family with many features.
• Flight stability. Mini Drone features 6-Axis Drone Gyrocopter for drone stability making easy for beginners. Quad has 360 eversion for flips and RTF drone.

• Long lasting
• Easy to use
• Easy to install

Q Copter Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera Review
One of the recent customers that purchased the Q Copter Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera said, “First time flying this quad I felt really comfortable and confident. It is very easy to move it around. The controller is well laid out and easy to learn. The battery takes about 90 minutes to charge and you can fly for around 15 minutes.”
Q Copter Drone Quadcopter with HD Camera takes your photography to another level. You will find it intuitive and user-friendly.


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